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fallen__leaves's Journal

Fallen Leaves
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Fallen Leaves

The Story:

The story starts about two and a half months after the manga's Time Skip. That, unfortunately, is about as far as we get before we go AU.

Gaara manages to fend off Deidara and leaves the Akatsuki member licking his wounds as he and Sasori head back to Akatsuki headquarters. Sunagakure has remained peaceful, abeit paranoid for the past few months, and continues to remain that way.

The Leaf, however, has other problems.

Tsunade has directed Mitarashi Anko and a team of the most powerful ANBU to take part in a recon mission - enter Otogakure undetected and retrieve Uchiha Sasuke. The mission takes place flawlessly - in fact, after finding Sasuke in a locked cell deep within Orochimaru's mansion and covered in cuts and bruises, they discover the young Uchiha wishes to escape from the Sound himself. After only a week, Anko and her subordinates return to Konoha - Sasuke in tow. After healing Sasuke's wounds, Tsunade prepares to put him on trial as a missing nin, but after a few words with Shizune, she decided to give Sasuke one last chance.

Sasuke remains in the hospital, under lock and key and close guard as his wounds heal. Unfortunately, Konoha's problems don't end there.

In his most daring move since the attack on Konoha more than two years ago, Orochimaru and hundreds of his shinobi raid the Leaf. They search everywhere for Sasuke, but the ANBU posted to guard him manage to fend them off. Angry at the loss of his perfect vessel, Orochimaru decides to go for the next best thing - After all, without the Sharingan, the Byakugan would make a perfect tool to study while waiting for the opportune moment to get Sasuke-kun back. When the Oto-nin's pulled out of Konoha, everything seemed in place. Except for the missing Hyuuga girl - Hinata.

As soon as Sasuke heals, he'll be put under Kakashi's care and allowed to start training again. ANBU have been sent to the Sound to recover Hinata, but have returned unsuccessful - Orochimaru seems to have moved to another location - one unknown to Konoha. The Hyuuga's are busy searching for information as to the whereabouts of their lost heir, but none has surfaced yet. Everyone knows Hinata is missing, but there seems to be nothing anyone can do about it. Now, all Konoha can do is sit and wait.


The Rules:

1. The Mods make the final decision.

The Mods are here to make sure this runs smoothly, and to everyone's enjoyment. While we may not always be right, rest assured we are not out to get you. Any choice made as far as rules and such go is made for the sake of the story. Any complaint to a decision made or a standing rule should be sent to "konohatraitor@aol.com" and the situation will be reviewed. After review, the decision is final.

2. Courtesy

Yes. This is so important it was only under the "Mods" rule. Please, remember to be courteous to your fellow RPers and to be mature not only while role playing, but also in your OOC behavior.

No Godmodding is allowed. Period. Space. New sentence.

You may NOT write for other people's character or make decisions for them; past, present, or future. The only instance where you may be allowed to is if you have express permission from the player. And even then, exercise extreme caution. Canon relationships are assumed, but details are left to the players.

If you think another player is doing this, contact them first. If the situation is not resolved in this way, send an email to "konohatraitor@aol.com" and the situation will be reviewed. As in rule number 1, after a review, the situation is final.

2.5. Family

In situations involveing a character's family, the players in that family may write for the UNPLAYED family members. I.E. Ino can write for Inoichi, as long as there isn't someone who currently plays Inoichi.

3. Participate!

Things happen all the time. We all fall victim to the "Not-enough-time-for-the-internet" syndrome, at times. If you're going to be away for more than two days, inform a mod or post to the Crack board with notification. If there's nothing for you to do, post asking for some interactions. If that fails, talk to a mod. I'm sure we can come up with -something- for you to do.

4. Be intelligent with your posts.

Try to keep posts solid and intelligent. Third person perspective is the perspective that should be used for public posts, but personal character journals can be in any format.

Transcripts and RP posts should be behind LJ Cuts. You can look them up in the Help section, or ask a mod about how to use them.

AIM/MSN/Whatever Role Playing between players is acceptable, but please post the transcript to the community.

Interaction on all levels are allowed, from G all the way up. Anything that could be considered beyond the scope of a mild "R" rated movie needs to be behind a cut with a warning that it's rated NC-17+.

5. Contact beyond LJ is required.

You must have either AIM/AOL or MSN. Both are prefered. Both are also free! Thus, there's no reason to have them.

6. OOC and IC

OOC chatter can be done outside the cut, or in our OOC community fallen__crack. Inside a cut should be completely IC.

7. Auditions.

Even if you're asked to join, you'll be asked to fill out the application. If you'd like to join, and weren't asked to join, you'll also be filling out the application. As you can see, it's fair.

Characters will be given to the player we feel is best able to potray the role. If no player seems capable, the character will no be awarded to any applicant. Don't take it personally! If you'd like to try for another character, feel free to do so! You may just not be the right person for the role you first applied for.

8. Make sure to stay on top of things.

Alot of you aren't going to like this rule, but it's being implementedfor the best interests of the community as a whole. As such, I'mexpecting this may turn off some potential players, while others mayappreciate this and agree with my thoughts on the subject.

Ifyou are participating in a public thread and you are absent for morethan two days without notifying a mod or making a post in fallen__crack,your character will be handled until you get back for progression ofthe thread and to keep the story moving. This is so that if someone hasan emergency and is unavailable for several days, their place in thecommunity will be held onto, and all will continue smoothly. It wouldbe a wise decision to choose a backup player for your character(s) andthen notify ino_butta or myself, asagiri_chan about your choice for a backup so, in your absence, they may continueon where you left off. If you have no backup player and are inactive ina public thread for more than two days, then either Ino-mod, or myself,will be piloting your character.

Also, there is another point to address under this rule. If you are called to play:
I.E. "The Streets of Konoha: Open to Chouji and Sakura"

Or if you are called to contact a mod:
I.E. "Hinata-mun, please IM, MSN or E-mail Ino-mod to discuss the upcoming plot involvement"

And there is no response within a week of the message, ino_butta or myself, asagiri_chan will contact you to discuss your recent inactivity and determine, ifthis will be a recurring problem, whether or not it will be necessaryto remove your character(s) from you and recast their roll.

Iapologize if anyone feels put out by this - feel free to contact me atkonohatraitor@aol.com to discuss this rule if you feel it has beenunfairly put into place, or if you feel there is a problem or an issuerelated to this rule that you would like to talk to me about. My inboxis always open.


If you're accepted, join this community and the Crack community, and friend everybody else in the community. All roleplaying is posted to this community, all OOC/Silly stuff is posted to the Crack community, and any personal journal you wish your character to keep can be kept in your character's Live Journal.

If you want things to be visable to others in character, post it to the community. Anything else isn't considered "Public Knowledge"

Along those lines, posts to the community can be openings to scenes, messages between characters, or anything considered "Public Knowledge".

Treat the community like a massive fan fic, basicly. Remember, you're writing it with other people, so it's a game of give-and-take.

Roleplaying can be done either in a private format, with the transcripts posted to the community afterwords, or posted to the community with all replies done directly in the thread.

Character Audition Form

This form should be sent to "konohatraitor@AOL.com".


What character are you applying for?:
Your Name or Nickname:
Your personal LiveJournal (Optional):
AIM Name:
MSN Name:
Email Address:

Do you play in any other Naruto RP's?

Any other RP's at all?

Do you keep up to date with the Anime?

With the Manga?

Why are you applying for this character?

Who are the two people your character is closest to? Why?

Who are two people your character absolutely hates? Why?

How old is your character?

What rank is your character? If your character isn't a ninja, what job do they do?

What is your character's opinion of the currently occuring storyline: Sasuke being returned, Orochimaru's attack and Hinata getting kidnapped?

Please write about two paragraphs in character about whatever subject you'd like. This can be first or third person.

By sending in this application, you agree to follow all the rules stated on this page, and to follow any decisions that are made by the Mods.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If applying for an original character, please also include the Village of origin, a physical description, a detailed description of their personality and mental status, and an in depth description of their power level, fighting style and jutsus known. Original characters will be regarded warily, and we will NOT accept overpowered characters, unfair characters, or anything that's a generic "Random Ninja 1A"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You will be notified when your application is recieved, and if your application is accepted or rejected.

We need people! We want to get the main characters filled in first (They're bold.)

If you don't know who someone is on the list, you can check Here : however, try for the main characters first, please!

Fire Country

Aburame Shibi
Aburame Shino - Taken
Akimichi Chouji - Taken
Akimichi Chouza
Hagane Kotetsu
Haruno Sakura - Taken
Hatake Kakashi - Taken
Hyuuga Hanabi
Hyuuga Hiashi
Hyuuga Hinata - Taken
Hyuuga Neji
Inuzuka Hana
Inuzuka Kiba - Taken
Inuzuka Tsume
Jiraiya - Taken
Kamizuki Izumo
Maito Gai
Mitarashi Anko - Taken
Morino Ibiki
Namiashi Raidou
Nara Shikato
Nara Shikamaru - Taken
Rock Lee
Sarutobi Asuma - Taken
Shiranui Genma
Shizune - Taken
TenTen - Taken
Tsunade - Taken
Uchiha Sasuke - Taken
Umino Iruka - Taken
Uzuki Yuugao
Uzumaki Naruto - Taken
Yamanaka Ino - Taken
Yamanaka Inoichi
Yamashiro Aoba
Yuuhi Kurenai - Taken


Hoshigaki Kisame
Rasetsu Sayoko - (OC. Hidden Leaf)
Uchiha Itachi - Taken

Sound Country

Orochimaru - Taken
Yakushi Kabuto

Wind Country

Gaara - Taken
Kankurou - Taken
Temari - Taken

Original Characters

Aburame Hachi - Hidden Leaf
Akimichi Akiko - Hidden Leaf
Chisa Kayuya - Hidden Leaf
Hiiki Hana - Technically Hidden Sand
Hiroyuki Kenko - Hidden Leaf, formerly Hidden Grass
Kizu - Fire Daimyo
Nara Risuji - Hidden Leaf
Rin - Hidden Sand
Shiken no Konoha - Hidden Leaf
Shinka Tatsuya - Hidden Leaf, formerly Hidden Sand.
Tomoshibi Mushaningyou - Earth Country samurai
Yamanaka Kobutamaru - Hidden Leaf

The characters and setting contained within, save for original characters, belong to Masashi Kishimoto. We do not claim to own the Naruto series, nor any of its characters. We're just having fun.

Feel free to use the application/rules/character list if you want to start a Naruto RP. Just leave the story - that's ours. ^_~